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We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions about hyperbaric oxygen therapy which includes our pricing below. 

If you have a question that is not listed please get in touch. 


This treatment uses oxygen under pressure to speed up the body’s ability to reproduce new tissue and blood vessels which increases oxygenation, blood flow and circulation. It’s natural, non-invasive and it works.

Each session lasts for two hours and you’ll be surprised how quickly the time passes when you start relaxing.

Our 1 hr taster sessions start at £45 while our single 2 hr treatment sessions cost £75. Five 2 hr sessions cost £320, while ten 2 hr sessions cost £600. We also offer 20 2 hr sessions for £1080 or 40 2hr sessions for £1960. Please get in touch if you want a bigger block of sessions.

Do not smoke or drink alcohol or carbonated beverages before the treatment. When inside the chamber ensure you follow instructions for yawning and swallowing.

This depends on what you’re looking to treat but many people feel improvements after just one or two session, although we always recommend a minimum of five sessions as this sees the best results.

There’s plenty of space to lie down in the chamber and you won’t feel enclosed. You can turn over on your side and raise your head quite comfortably. There’s more than enough space when you’re in there.

It’s exactly like lying down on a bed. It’s comfortable and spacious. During the session you can relax, fall asleep or even read. Customers often say that it’s like being on a plane as it’s a similar sensation.

During the session itself you are alone in the chamber but it’s very light, airy and has a large window section which makes the whole experience very comfortable. We’re also on hand throughout every session and contactable via an intercom.

This treatment has been used for years on deep sea divers after they contracted the Bends, however in the last twenty years it’s been used more widely as a treatment for injuries, illnesses and wellbeing issues.

Unfortunately, not in the South West area. The Oxygen Centre is a completely private set up and we charge for our sessions. However, we consider ourselves to be affordable for most budgets.

Although there are no age restrictions on our services, we always recommend that children under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult or guardian. We’ve previously treated children as young as 2 years old as well as adults up to the age of 75.

Yes, we have 3 parking spaces onsite, plus there is nearby street parking available too.