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Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Work?

hyperbaric oxygen therapy plymouth

L OK, let’s deal with the elephant in the room … does this treatment actually work?

Well, the simple answer is ‘yes’, it genuinely does work for a huge number of issues and ailments. But for those of you thinking ‘well they would say that wouldn’t they’, well the answer is once again, ‘yes of course’ but we’re not saying that because it’s our business, we’re saying that because it’s an established treatment based on years of experience, research and successful usage.

The one thing we never do is push something on to anyone in a hard sell kind of way, it’s not our style. In fact, we would urge everyone that’s thinking of booking in for some sessions with us at The Oxygen Centre to talk to us first, do some research of your own and start to make an informed decision about Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.

But if we were to continue in this ‘honesty driven’ way then the best and most effective way of finding out if something actually works, is to try it for yourself. We do one off trial sessions, which although won’t always completely cure whatever issue you have, they will give you a sense of what the experience is like. However, even a one-off session such as this will often help with issues such as sleep and energy levels, so that alone is worth it surely. 

The other way of finding out whether Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment works is to talk to people that have already been through the process and had the treatment themselves. So, with that in mind over the next few months we aim to bring you a handful of case studies of real life people, that live locally or close to Plymouth, so that you can hear their stories for yourself. So, please look out for these case studies going forward, we’ll post them on the website and through our social channels.

What you will find is that these case studies will demonstrate consistently that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment produces impressive results, showing significant increases in recovery times from a whole host of medical issues including muscular damage, bone breaks, fatigue, sleep related issues and even Long Covid.   

For the last twenty years, this treatment has been a tried and tested route for elite athletes looking to speed up recovery after injury. At the Oxygen Centre, we’ve made this treatment accessible for the wider public with sessions starting at £45. So, if you, a family member or a friend have an injury, illness or issue then we can help.

So, if you want to heal faster, recover quicker or repair your energy levels, then what you should be doing is talking to us at the Oxygen Centre on 07453 279290 or check out 

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