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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Case Study: Real People, Real Help

hyperbaric oxygen therapy Plymouth

For the last twenty years, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been helping elite athletes looking to speed up their recovery after injury, in fact it’s been a specialist treatment around the world for even longer than that.

However, as a relatively new, Plymouth based business we thought that we should start telling you about the people that we’ve been helping. Not elite athletes, but real, local people that have used our chambers and benefited from the treatment we offer.

Naturally, we have to be discreet about this sort of thing and need the approval of those involved, but we’re pleased to say that this is the first one in a series of case studies that we’re calling ‘Real People, Real Help’.

Case Study 1

First up we have ‘Client A’ who is a 75-year-old woman who lives in South-East Cornwall.

She was introduced to us at The Oxygen Centre by a mutual contact after she was only getting an average of three hours sleep a night. This was leaving her fatigued, with no energy and it was impacting her mood. 

She put this down to the fact that age was creeping up on her and that this was ‘par for the course’ as she was reaching a certain point in her life. But after reaching out to us at The Oxygen Centre she booked in for a course of six sessions at our treatment room in Stonehouse, Plymouth. 

The Benefits 

‘Client A’ started the sessions and at first the difference was only minor as her sleep pattern improved slightly.

However, the progress was gradual and the more sessions she had, the more she was able to sleep. The process we use is non-invasive, completely natural and uses oxygen delivered under increased pressure to speed up the recovery process. 

One significant benefit of the treatment has always been improved sleep pattern and this case was no exception.

As the sessions progressed, ‘Client A’ started to notice a genuine improvement and whereas she was only sleeping for an average of three hours a night, this increased to a solid five hours each night and it was a pattern of sleep that’s been maintained ever since. 

The benefit of better quality sleep is dramatic, because it allows for rest and recovery as well as improved cells regeneration.

‘Client A’ not only sleeps better now but her energy levels have returned, her mood and temperament have taken an upturn and her outlook on life is generally much more positive than it weas before.

She no longer puts it all down to her age and can now say that the treatment at The Oxygen Centre has improved her health, wellbeing and life in general.  

 As well as sleep related issues, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy produces impressive results in recovery times from a whole host of medical issues including muscular damage, bone breaks and even Long Covid.   

So, if you want to heal faster, recover quicker or repair your energy levels, then what you should be doing is talking to us at the Oxygen Centre on 07453 279290 or get in touch online.

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