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Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Available On The NHS? 

hyperbaric oxygen nhs

The simple answer to this question is ‘no’, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is not widely available on the NHS, certainly not here in the South-West region anyway.

The problem is, the medical profession knows and fully understands that this treatment works and it has been working across the world for years now.

So, the logical question should be ‘if it works, why isn’t the NHS using it here in the UK?’. Well, once again the answer’s fairly simple … because it’s expensive for hospitals and NHS trusts to invest in the equipment in the first place.

If Derriford hospital wanted to open a Hyperbaric Treatment ward here in Plymouth, the initial cost outlay to the NHS would be so significant that the whole idea would be shelved pretty quickly.

The budget that they currently have is already tight and it will always be directed to front line nursing and key hospital treatments, meaning that something like Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment will always pushed to one side and treated almost like a luxury … a nice idea but just too expensive to set up.

If local hospitals were ever to offer this treatment the demand would certainly outstrip the equipment making access almost impossible. The waiting list would be huge and we all understand that this is something that hospitals are keen to avoid.

This is the reason why we opened the Oxygen Centre in Plymouth and since we did, demand has increased month on month as word has spread and the people of Plymouth have started using our service. We make no secret of the fact that we’re a professional operation offering a commercial service, but we have continued to keep our pricing at an affordable level making it available and accessible with sessions starting at £45. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment produces impressive results, showing significant increases in recovery times from a whole host of medical issues including muscular damage, bone breaks, fatigue, sleep related issues and even Long Covid.

Over the last twenty years treatment has been used by elite athletes during recovery from injury but we believe that this should not be an exclusive situation and that the treatment should be available to everyone. It is now, at the Oxygen Centre in Plymouth.

So, if you, a family member or a friend have an injury, illness or issue and want to heal faster, recover quicker or repair your energy levels, then what you should be doing is talking to us at the Oxygen Centre on 07453 279290.

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